Monday, March 31, 2014 report James Adams

His full name is William James Adams, life he was born on March 15, 1975, in Los Angeles California United States. he was raised by his mother who became his number one fan since Day 1 he lives in Hollywood he has been everywhere around America . became famous because music is his life he made lots of songs it sad that he never met his dad.He believes that anyone can make music he started making music when he was just a kid.He has helped lots of people’s by making them believed their self and that how he became an arted and famous.         

The important thing that he did was by helping each and one of another he made lots of people’s believed their self that was they can do they don’t know that thank to him now they know. What keeps under his hat and nine other things we learned from the last coaches proved very hard to please in this final round as they tried her luck by singing the track that made her famous for the coaches.

His mum encouraged him to explore his talent and pursue his musical career by sending him to public schools in affluent West Los Angeles his story is really sad. has never met his dad when he was little boy his mum love his for who he is he has brothers and sisther. He helped his mum alots he made his mum really happy when he was a little boy when his mum tale him to do that or this thing that with the housework he does it his mum love him.  

While in high school, he became friends with and later they formed a group with three other people. They began performing from stage to stage in Los Angeles under the name of Atban Klann and caught the attention of Compton rapper Easy -E who signed them to Ruthless Records. After several lineup changes, they finally became The Black Eyed Peas with Stacy Ferguson and Taboo joining the mix. is famous for a music artted he is really good at makeing music he made lots of music. Once he came to Pt England school he have gavin manaiakalani 100,000$ he have given that to this school because he have seen our thing online like our blog’s and lots other thing everywhere. is a really good guy he have help lots of people to be what they are and be happy with it. He famous for lots of thing that it about     

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  1. What a generous donation he made last year. He really is a very talented artist isn't he!


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