Thursday, July 26, 2012

One day me and my dad went fishing. We went in the boat. It was my dad’s boat. We have a fishing rod. My dad caught a little fish. I caught a big fish. I was so happy. We took it home then my dad cleaned the big fish. After he cleaned the big fish my mum cooked the fish. It cooked then we ate the fish. It was yummy. Then my mum my dad and my sister said thank you to me for the fish.


  1. Hi Htawara

    I really enjoyed your story about the fishing. I like the pictures of the big fish, the fishing rod and the boat. But next time you need to get more words.

  2. Hi Htawara,

    I really like your story and wow you are a good fisher.

  3. hi Htawara i really like your story about you and your dad and the boat. It was cool that your dad has the biggest fish. You guys ate it for tea and next time you need to get more words on your blog. Instead of a tiny bit of words.


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