Monday, March 31, 2014 report James Adams

His full name is William James Adams, life he was born on March 15, 1975, in Los Angeles California United States. he was raised by his mother who became his number one fan since Day 1 he lives in Hollywood he has been everywhere around America . became famous because music is his life he made lots of songs it sad that he never met his dad.He believes that anyone can make music he started making music when he was just a kid.He has helped lots of people’s by making them believed their self and that how he became an arted and famous.         

The important thing that he did was by helping each and one of another he made lots of people’s believed their self that was they can do they don’t know that thank to him now they know. What keeps under his hat and nine other things we learned from the last coaches proved very hard to please in this final round as they tried her luck by singing the track that made her famous for the coaches.

His mum encouraged him to explore his talent and pursue his musical career by sending him to public schools in affluent West Los Angeles his story is really sad. has never met his dad when he was little boy his mum love his for who he is he has brothers and sisther. He helped his mum alots he made his mum really happy when he was a little boy when his mum tale him to do that or this thing that with the housework he does it his mum love him.  

While in high school, he became friends with and later they formed a group with three other people. They began performing from stage to stage in Los Angeles under the name of Atban Klann and caught the attention of Compton rapper Easy -E who signed them to Ruthless Records. After several lineup changes, they finally became The Black Eyed Peas with Stacy Ferguson and Taboo joining the mix. is famous for a music artted he is really good at makeing music he made lots of music. Once he came to Pt England school he have gavin manaiakalani 100,000$ he have given that to this school because he have seen our thing online like our blog’s and lots other thing everywhere. is a really good guy he have help lots of people to be what they are and be happy with it. He famous for lots of thing that it about     

Friday, March 28, 2014

Matariki Returns

Matariki Returns by Moira Wairama and Rupert Alchin.
Connected 3, 2003
WALT - Locate and use information in the text to extend ideas about our general solar system and the effects this has on our word - to even our cultures and celebrations.
Success Criteria -
I can locate and use information in the text to extend ideas about our general solar system and the effects this has on our word - to even our cultures and celebrations.
I know the purpose of Matariki and can relate it to other special holidays.
Answer the following questions in red:
What is Matariki in a physical sense?
Matariki is about the seven stars and a happy Maori new years to have a party of Matariki being happy for the Maori.

What is the special sight you may witness towards the end of May?
Um the special sight at the end of May is you can planting lots of think it because spring is coming.

What are people looking out for to know that the new year is beginning?
The Maori people are looking for the seven star when the seven star show they know it is the new years for the Maori.

Tell me three things you know about Matariki?
Matariki is a new years for maori and it when the seven star show in the sky and it the only day that the seven stars show.

What are the tales about the stars and the representation of them for the year to come?
The seven stars only show once in a years and it is the Maori new years,  the Maori only know the new years when the seven star show up.

Maori used to ‘preserve birds Hindu’. What does the word ‘preserved’ mean?
I think it mean for the Maori people that it is a hunting season to catch some fish hunting for bird and rats.

Can you give me an example of how people often preserve various items to date?
Um every years people keep on knowing more about the Matariki more and more about it it really cool to see the seven star.  

Matariki is the time for what? (refer to the text)
Matariki is the time for the new years for the Maori every Maori new years the Matariki returns the seven star returns.

Tell me about a Matariki legend?
Matariki is about the new years for the Maori and it a good time to plants thing to eat. The Matariki is the best day for the Maori people because that the only day when the big star returns.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Maths for week 8

All the words for HARD

The Mah-jong Man by Penny Sii

The Mah-jong Man by Penny Sii
School Journal Part 4 number 3 1994.

WALT:: Make inferences and responding using key information from text.
Success Criteria:I can respond to the text, using information I come across and make my own conclusions depending on how I perceive the text.

Answer the following questions in red:
Looking at the title and the image on the front page what do you think the story is about?
By looking at the gage I think the story is about one of the family member losing all their saving.   

Why was Ai Ling’s father walking inside wobbling?
He was wobbling because he came back from the Mah-jong place and he was so janked that way he was wobbling.

How did her mother react to her father coming home at this time?
The mother was very very angry seeing the father came home very late she was banging the pots and the pans.   

Where had her father been, how did they feel about her father being at this place?
They feel sad because the father lose all their saving now only a little bit of their saving.   

Why was Ai’s mum banging and making as much noise as she could while putting the pots and pans away? She did that it is because she was really really angry at the father for keep going to the mah-jong place.  

In what way do Ai and her mother view her father as being ‘bad’?
By looking at the mather face I think Ai and her mother feel really anger way to the father by losing all their saving and keep going to the mah-jong place.

Is Ai happy at home? Why/why not? How do we know this?
Ai is really not happy because she said that she want to run away from home that how I know by reading what she was saying.

How can we gather that Ai’s mother was angry as a result of her father staying out late again? (Refer to the image and text) The mother is even more angrier than she ever was because the dad keep on coming home late at night every day.   

Where is Ai’s mother taking her and her brother? For what reason do you think her mother is doing this? Their mother is taking them to ever mah-jong place to look for the father because the mother is really angry at the father no matter what she say the father keep going

Predict what you think will happen next in the story. What is your reasoning for your prediction?
What will happen next that I think is that the mother will keep looking for the father if she fine the father I think that she will kill him.


Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Malaysia Airlines flight W5

The Malaysia Airlines flight

Writer’s name Htawara  

A Malaysian flight has vanished from radar screens with 239 people wear on board and the plane has still not been found. The most important point there were also two New Zealanders were on board and there were two babies also on board. To me and most people it is very sad because not one people was alive from the plane cruise it just very sad.

The next most important thing is where has the plane landed it very sad that all the people have not been found. They could all have been killed by the plane cruise. Planes and ships from across Asia are looking for the missing jetliner. They will not stop to the plane has been found because they really wanna help the the people that is in the plane.    

At this stage the reason for the disappearance is unknown. The weather was fine, the plane was at cruising speed and the pilots didn't send a distress signal. The plane was gonna go to beijing “but something happened” no one know about it. After the plane has been cruise no one know where it is or where did it cruise to so that why Planes and ships from across Asia are looking for it. When the plane has been found it was too late no one was alive I know it so sad.    

The least important thing is that the plane has been found, the plane was in the two objects have been spotted in the Indian Ocean, Abbott told the Australian parliament. Day 13 of the search for MH370 has opened in the southern Indian Ocean. Five merchant ships are searching in conjunction with surveillance aircraft from Australia, the United States, and New Zealand.

My Maths works of this weeks 7

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Weeks 6 Monday Maths

a) 2 5 3  
   ×    3
   7 5 9
e) 1 5 5
   ×    8
 1 2 4 0     
i) 4 1 1
  ×    4
1 6 4 4
b) 1 4 2
   ×    5
   7 1 0
f) 1 3 9
  ×    4
  5 5 6
j) 2 3 9
  ×    3
  7 1 7
c) 2 8 8
   ×    6
1 7 2 8
g) 2 4 7
   ×    9
2 2 2 3
k) 4 0 8
   ×    2
   8 1 6
d) 4 3 7
   ×    2
   8 7 4
h) 6 5 2
   ×    7
4 5 6 4
l) 5 5 5
  ×    9
4 9 9 5

a) 4×236=944
d) 7×203=1421
7×200= 1400

g) 6×218=1308
b) 5×631=3155
e) 4×256=1
h) 7×208=1456
c) 2×488=976
f) 3×812=2436
3×2= 6
i) 8×644=5152

The Pt England Way

What is the Pt England way?.

What the key words to the Pt England way?.

The Pt England way is it kind All so stop think and do.

The Pt England way is being Kind to each and other. All so helping them out, And showing the new people were to go and what to do. student can do that by doing the right thing, We all follows the Pt England way because the Pt England way help us with what to do and what not to do. So all way follow the Pt England way not just at school all so at home or any other places.

all so stop think and do be for you do something that can help you a lots.
Be for you do something stop think and do is all way in you can do it any time you like or any time you want to. Stop think and do is the best thing to help you with anything. If you do the right thing like stop think and do
if you need help with anything at any time can always be right for you so do the right thing and all way use stop think and do when you need help with anything.  

Being the right place is good thing for the Pt England way. At the right time Being the right place can be  save for you and if you won’t be in the right place or at the right time. Like when you are at the beach at 9:00 pm by yourself sometime kid or adult get kill by someone that who kill people.So being the right place at the right time is the save way where people can be.

Being the role model is all so good for the Pt England way. Being the role model meant that being the leader of all thing like showing the people what you can do. What you believing that is good thing for the people that are from the Pt England school.              


Htawara Explanation W5, Empathy

Explanation writing - “Empathy”!
What does “Empathy” mean to me? “Empathy” means that having the same feeling as other and caring for them by doing “Empathy”. Seeing someone that is sad showing “Empathy” is helping them out. Also “putting yourself in someone Shose” it like when you are being meant to another “putting yourself in someone shose” what if someone was being meant to you. You will feel the same thing befor you do something bad “think about other” first.        

What can people do to show “Empathy”?
How people show “Empathy” is to show respect and tell them how they feel or Tiaki Taonga, Tiaki meaning caring. How we show caring is hugging and care for other, love one another “Bountiful”, bountiful means the same thing as love or care. How to make friends with other for example once you go and find a good friend, then you tell them your, to ask them if they can let you play, three well third you're already friends with them and that how we show “Empathy”.

Why is it important that people show “Empathy”?
“It important that people need to show “Empathy” because “Empathy” is a great thing. I know that showing “Empathy” is not that easy but showing “Empathy” is not a bad thing it a good way to share with other people. So showing Empathy is very important in the Pt England school way   
How do people show “Empathy” to each and other at classroom or at Playground? To show each and other Empathy can be any where like in classrooms showing Empathy is like being kind to each and other. If there are new kids that come to  your school to show Empathy like showing they were to go and if they need help all way be there for them. Same time like when you are at the playground if there are kids that need help and that kids is sad you have to go there and ask why are you sad and then ask that kid if he or she will like to played with you that is doing the right thing and showing Empathy.