Thursday, July 4, 2013


Once upon a time there lived a girl named Rapunzel. She had long blonde hair. Her mother always told her not to trim her hair because every time when someone gets hurt
they go to her and heals them for at least $150, but she doesn't  listen at all. Rapunzel was not  very kind and she was a really disrespectful girl. She never was allowed to go outside which is why she had a problem with respecting others.

One day she was so frustrated and tired that she wanted to go outside then she ran away from home and left a note on the dining table. The note said “hey mum I am coming back later but I just wanted to tell you I want to play outside, don't find me” Just then she told a lie but her mum didn't know that she was running away. Her mother was very worried and said to herself “I can't leave my daughter alone I must go and find her”.

She was looking for Rapunzel in the woods. When Suddenly she heard someone crying and it was her daughter she thought she was lost. Rapunzel hugged her mum and said “I will never be disrespectful I am really sorry”. Rapunzel listened to her mother and never ever was disrespectful. She loved her mother.

She lived in a tower, while her mum went out to gather some things to eat. the prince appears at the foot of the tower. Rapunzel saw him and let down her hair. The prince grabbed her hair with his hands and yanked it down. Rapunzel fell down into his arms. She and the prince ride away on a horse, suddenly they rode past her mum who shouts out “Rapunzel what are you doing?!” Rapunzel shouts back “You can keep my hair anyways!”. She then cuts her hair with a sword. Her Mum screams, her heart beat faster and faster, she suddenly turns white, her heart stops beating and she turns into dust and dies. Rapunzel look back at the dust and smiles “Thank you for taking care of me”.THE END... AND THEY LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER.