Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Triangle addition T4 week 2

Recount Holiday Writing week 2 T4

Recently in the holidays me and my family went to Sylvia Park to do our shopping. Driving past Burger King I was hunting through my wallet to double check that I had enough money so I can buy me some new clothes from the Hastiness Brothers. Later on I was getting hungry, my stomach was rumbling like a pack of wild wolfs howling. I sprinted past people like a flash of light so I can beat other people so I can be first in line to buy me chicken sushi.

After having a delicious lunch we went back home. Driving up the driveway I sprinted past the door to my room and quickly tried on my clothes that I brought. Later on that day I went on youtube to listen to music because I was bored and I got nothing to do. Soon I was so bored that I feat asleep in my room.

On the next following day as I work up I was feeling really happy and I jumped out of bed then I look at the windows and it was raining. My face went from happy to angry because I really wanted to go for a long walk at the beach. Cause It raining all day I couldn't go anywhere but stay home and did some boring stuff like watch a TV or go on the computer. My holiday was fun and boring so to me it kinda OK that the end of my holiday recount.      


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Art attack Immersion Assembly

On the first day of term 4 we had an assembly we saw lots of amazing thing and stuff about art and some performing. This term our topic is art attack, to me the best team was team five. I like their one because they did a picture art planting of three person i didn't know it was some people because it was upside down. But when they were done they turn it the right side it was just wow to me.