Thursday, March 13, 2014

Htawara Explanation W5, Empathy

Explanation writing - “Empathy”!
What does “Empathy” mean to me? “Empathy” means that having the same feeling as other and caring for them by doing “Empathy”. Seeing someone that is sad showing “Empathy” is helping them out. Also “putting yourself in someone Shose” it like when you are being meant to another “putting yourself in someone shose” what if someone was being meant to you. You will feel the same thing befor you do something bad “think about other” first.        

What can people do to show “Empathy”?
How people show “Empathy” is to show respect and tell them how they feel or Tiaki Taonga, Tiaki meaning caring. How we show caring is hugging and care for other, love one another “Bountiful”, bountiful means the same thing as love or care. How to make friends with other for example once you go and find a good friend, then you tell them your, to ask them if they can let you play, three well third you're already friends with them and that how we show “Empathy”.

Why is it important that people show “Empathy”?
“It important that people need to show “Empathy” because “Empathy” is a great thing. I know that showing “Empathy” is not that easy but showing “Empathy” is not a bad thing it a good way to share with other people. So showing Empathy is very important in the Pt England school way   
How do people show “Empathy” to each and other at classroom or at Playground? To show each and other Empathy can be any where like in classrooms showing Empathy is like being kind to each and other. If there are new kids that come to  your school to show Empathy like showing they were to go and if they need help all way be there for them. Same time like when you are at the playground if there are kids that need help and that kids is sad you have to go there and ask why are you sad and then ask that kid if he or she will like to played with you that is doing the right thing and showing Empathy.

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