Monday, May 21, 2012

my cat.

I have a little cat his name is Ginger.I keep my cat in the cave he eat cat food water mack I like to played with my
cat because he is cool cat.My mum and my dad like Ginger cat too.Then my cat go to me went I played my
sister we played running.With I go to eat my food he come with me because he eat his food and I eat my food.My cat one to go out with me went I go to the car with my dad and my sister I said’,to my dad to go at Harry home he is 4 years old my cat come with me to. Harry one to have my cat I said’, no harry is not happy because I said’, no Harry mum have a new baby is a girl.My cat running because Harry one the cat Harry said’, to the come but the cat is running the cat is not stop.Then went home the run to my mum and the cat is happy.       

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