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Echolocation explanation template:

This week we are learning about some animals that use echolocation to find their way around them and also help them hunt. Echolocation is all about sounds and what we are learning this term.

Animals like bats, rats, whales, dolphins and porpoises can’t really see will so they use echolocation to see the world around them and to help them hunt for food. Bats have poor eyesight, they rely on their senses and they hunt at night, they use echolocation to not hit into an object  and other objects. They sleep at day time and hunt at night when they smell something like bugs they use echolocation. Then the vibration that is sent, if it comes back to the bat, it will know that there is something in front of them or around them.

Bats are really good at using echolocation because they have really big ears that they can rely
on to help guide them through the forest. They use it also for hunting for their food and for going to the river and getting something to drink. However echolocation calls are not always species specific and some bats overlap in the type of calls they use so recordings of echolocation calls cannot be used to identify all bats and some other animals. Lots of animals that have really poor eyesight they often use echolocation all the time to help them for hunt and to not hit into an objects.

You can try yelling in a cave and see if you can hear your echo sending the sound back to you.
If the animals can’t use echolocation that will be sad because there are some animals that have really poor eyesight. If they couldn’t use echolocation they can’t hunt for their food and when they try to find their way they can hit into objects. Thats why the animals need to use echolocation to find their way and to help them look for their food.

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weeks 4 Maths Think board:

Monday, May 19, 2014

Explanation template: about SOUNDS

Explanation template:

This term years 7 & 8 are learning all about sound and what it means and where it comes from. When someone makes a sound it is called the vibrations. We are learning about sounds because sounds is important to our body.

When something gets hit the sound travels to your ears very fast. It is called vibrations, next the sound travels to your brain. Sound waves is a regular pattern of vibrations that can move through air or other materials. Sound waves spread out in all directions from their source in a similar way to ripples spreading out in water. People hear sounds all the time. Vibration moves backwards and forwards very quickly but the speed of light is faster.

Some people can’t really see they need sonar to find there way, same as some animals like bats. But bats has really big ears, they find their way by listening to others.
Their ears help them hunt for food and find their way safely. Bat are really good at listening. People that can’t see has a guide dog that will help them find their way like shopping or going somewhere only guide dogs can go in the shop with their owners.

Some sounds can be low and some can be high same as animals and all living things.
Sound is the most important thing about our body because sound can make use do anything and become something that we want to be apart of. The word sound means everything to us some deaf people can’t hear a sound but there is one way that they will know you have to use sign-language. Sound can come from anything like music or people talking or hitting some thing.

If this world has no sound at all for me it will be like all the people is deaf it won’t be fun at all it will be a sad life for me. Deaf people’s life is sad if I was deaf I won’t know anything and I won’t be hearing any sound at all. I will be just walking all day and if people say “hi”, I won’t know anything because I can hear no sound. Now I know what it will be like for a deaf person they don’t feel happy all the time and I am very sorry for the deaf people. Without sound it won’t be fun at all.

How to make a phone out of 2 cup.
Our cup experiment went good. It was easy to make it and fun. First you need to make a hole in both cups with a pin and make sure the hole is tiny so you can hear better. You need to thread the string through the hole and attach it to a ice block stick inside the cup. Tie the string around the ice block stick and you’re ready to go. Pull the string tight so you can hear your partner.

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Sounds science experiment template

Raeleen, Htawara, Taeshell, Faridah, Shanika, Cheyanne.  

Title of experiment: Talking through cups

(What do we want to find out?)
We want to find out how it works by talking through 2 cups and what string is going to make us hear each other better.

Hypothesis:  (what do you think will happen?)
I think it the thinnest string is going to work because by looking at the other strings I think we may not be able to listen to each other.

How will we find out?
(Step by step)

1. First  we need to make a hole in both cups with a pin and make sure the whole is tiny so we can hear better.

2. We need to thread the string through the hole and attach it to a ice block stick inside the cup.

3. We need to tie the string around the ice block stick and we’re ready to go.

4. Pull the string tight so you can hear your partner.

What actually happened?
1. We were able to hear through the thin string. it was alright but could’ve  been better.
2. On the rope string it was much better then our first string, we could hear each other very clearly.
3. Our last string was the  loudest string because we were able to hear each other and it was a bit louder than the 2nd string. Overall it was good.

What did we learn? We learnt that using cups as telephones actually do work.

We learnt the thinner the string the better you can hear you partner and the louder you can hear them.

Thinkboard fractions weeks 2 term 2

Thinkboard fractions week 2 term 2

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