Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Pt England Way

What is the Pt England way?.

What the key words to the Pt England way?.

The Pt England way is it kind All so stop think and do.

The Pt England way is being Kind to each and other. All so helping them out, And showing the new people were to go and what to do. student can do that by doing the right thing, We all follows the Pt England way because the Pt England way help us with what to do and what not to do. So all way follow the Pt England way not just at school all so at home or any other places.

all so stop think and do be for you do something that can help you a lots.
Be for you do something stop think and do is all way in you can do it any time you like or any time you want to. Stop think and do is the best thing to help you with anything. If you do the right thing like stop think and do
if you need help with anything at any time can always be right for you so do the right thing and all way use stop think and do when you need help with anything.  

Being the right place is good thing for the Pt England way. At the right time Being the right place can be  save for you and if you won’t be in the right place or at the right time. Like when you are at the beach at 9:00 pm by yourself sometime kid or adult get kill by someone that who kill people.So being the right place at the right time is the save way where people can be.

Being the role model is all so good for the Pt England way. Being the role model meant that being the leader of all thing like showing the people what you can do. What you believing that is good thing for the people that are from the Pt England school.              


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