Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Future aspirations talk

This morning we had four visitors came and stop by to inspire us to make a really good choices for our future and what we want to do with our lives. One of the thing that I really like of what Mr Samuels said was (your past does not determine your future). I think that is really important to remember in the future it could help you to be the person that want to be. Mr Samuels had really blown my mined to think about my future and what I want to be when I get older and to find something that I enjoy.  

Monday, November 24, 2014

Manaiakalani film festival recount writting

Last weekend most of the Manaiakalani school went to Sylvia park to attend the film festival to showcase the movie or event film that we made from our school. This only happens once a year, we got there by the bus and we were really excited to see what other school had been up to during the year.

On the film festival morning as I woke up I was knowing that it was going to be a really fun day so I quickly jump out of bed and got ready to go to school. My dad dropped me and my sister off to school When I arrived at school I saw some of my friends. So I ran up to them and I could hear that they were talking about the film festival. I’ll ask them are you guys going and have you pay your money? “yes” in a happy voices they all said together. After that moment the ball raging and we went inside our classroom and got ready to leave to Sylvia park.

Soon after morning tea as we all been waiting long enough we finally walk to the bus’s as I step on the stall. I was feeling little bit nervous because I didn't know where to sit but luckily I saw some of my friends so i sat with them. On our way to Sylvia park I was getting really exciting to see our school movies as will as other schools movies. The most thing that I enjoy doing on the bus’s was talking and laughing with my friends.  

When we got to Sylvia park we have to wait in our class line waiting for the teacher to tell when to go finally after a few minute we to the movies we all went and sat down. Some of us were feeling a bit nervous because other other peoples from definition school going to see their movies. The first movies that was showing was our class movie which is class 3 from Pt England school, I think that my class movie was the best movies out of all Pt England school because It really showed me what it means to be kind. If you help someone when they need it you’ll get some help back from other peoples witch is nice.

Other movies was enjoyable too, seeing other peoples from definition school do fun stuff in their school made me smile seeing that they having fun doing thing that they enjoy or like. I learn so much from seeing all those movies there are three thing that I learn the first thing that I learn was how to be kind. Next thing I learn was how to have fun last not least I learn how to create super enjoyable movies. After we have seen all the movies we went back to our school on the bus’s of course. On the way going back my friends and as will as other people talked about the movies that they liked the best, but I was thinking about what I would do to show these peoples that I have learn something from their movies.