Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Malaysia Airlines flight W5

The Malaysia Airlines flight

Writer’s name Htawara  

A Malaysian flight has vanished from radar screens with 239 people wear on board and the plane has still not been found. The most important point there were also two New Zealanders were on board and there were two babies also on board. To me and most people it is very sad because not one people was alive from the plane cruise it just very sad.

The next most important thing is where has the plane landed it very sad that all the people have not been found. They could all have been killed by the plane cruise. Planes and ships from across Asia are looking for the missing jetliner. They will not stop to the plane has been found because they really wanna help the the people that is in the plane.    

At this stage the reason for the disappearance is unknown. The weather was fine, the plane was at cruising speed and the pilots didn't send a distress signal. The plane was gonna go to beijing “but something happened” no one know about it. After the plane has been cruise no one know where it is or where did it cruise to so that why Planes and ships from across Asia are looking for it. When the plane has been found it was too late no one was alive I know it so sad.    

The least important thing is that the plane has been found, the plane was in the two objects have been spotted in the Indian Ocean, Abbott told the Australian parliament. Day 13 of the search for MH370 has opened in the southern Indian Ocean. Five merchant ships are searching in conjunction with surveillance aircraft from Australia, the United States, and New Zealand.

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