Friday, August 15, 2014

Tennis Writing

Tennis is a challenging international sport played all around the world. It can be played against a single opponent or between two teams with two players on each side, each player uses a racket that will allow them to hit the tennis ball over the net on the opponents side. Today’s tennis balls are made out of hollow rubber ball fuzzy like material. The size of tennis balls is approximately 6.7 cm (2.63 in.) So when the opponent hits the ball it can go really fast.   

They have to hit the ball over a low, tight tennis net and into their opponents court. The objective of this game is when you hit the ball, make it so that the other player cannot hit it back. Making them tired is the best way to win. Also hitting it on the side is the best. Tennis is really swift games because you have to be really fast trying to hit your opponent ball.

To be a tennis player you have to under go plenty of training, you have to hits many balls as you can. Also you have to be a fast runner, by doing running it can help you a lots with tennis. This sport is one of the best sport for me because it is one of my favourite sport out of all the sports and it is really fun to play. If you just give it a try maybe you will like it too.     

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