Monday, August 11, 2014

Sailing, by Jan Trafford

Sailing by Jan Trafford
School Journal
Part 2 Number 4

WALT: Gather and interpret information

For what reasons was it ideal to go sailing on that particular day? The sky is blue there’s a light sea breeze blowing and it’s a perfect day for learning to sail.

Why do you think it was important to be initially learning on dry land? Because they have to learn all the name of the part and find out how to rig the boat so it’s ready to to sail on the water.

Referring to the images on page 12, what are they learning on the dry land? They are learning all the part of the boat, and learn how to sail the boat on the water.

Why are ‘Optimists’ ideal to use when sailing? So kids can go sailing and it will be safe and solid for them to go and have fun.

Find the other meaning for optimist, define it:
The Optimist is sturdy, safe , and unsinkable.

Why is the direction of the wind important when sailing? Because it is very important that you know where the wind is coming from so you won’t get stuck on the sea.

What clue did the instructor give the children, when trying to figure out the direction the wind was blowing in? Why would this make sense? Which parts of your face and neck feel cold that will help you feel know where the wind is coming from.

Find five important facts that are important when sailing an optimist.
The important thing of the boat is boom, rudder , tiller , sheet , and centreboard.

Why did Mark demonstrate how to tip the boat over? For what reason do you think he would have done this? So if their boat get tip over, and so they would know how to get back on the boat and get the water out.

Before getting in a Optimist, why do you think it would be most important to be a good swimmer? Because when your boat get tip over it very important that you know how to swim so you can be save.

Would you like to sail an Optimist, do you think it would be difficult? Why/why not? Yes it would be difficult because once at years 6 camp I went sailing and my boat got tip over.

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