Friday, August 22, 2014

Life Education

This term class 3 has been going to life education to study about drugs and alcohol and how it affects our human body. Drugs and alcohol can be really easy to find and also can be really easy to get. Lynn told us that when a teenager takes drugs and alcohol it can really damage their brain and body. It’s can cause a problem if they take too much drugs and they might get sent to the hospital.

A drug can be simply described as anything that one puts into their body that is not food, water or oxygen and it can changes the way the body works. When someone chooses to use a drug it enters the bloodstream and travels to the brain. It could slow down how the brain work. Lynn also told us that drug don’t chooses people but people chooses drug.

The drug is only needed just to feel normal when you are sick or something. More is needed to get the same feeling that they had when they first took the drug. This is called addiction. First you like it, then you want it, it leads into needing it and finally you start craving it.

Most addicts have a history of their beginning drug user, or drinking too much alcohol, as a teenager. If you're new to drinking alcohol you’ll start treating people differently and you’ll also get addicted to drinking. So always pick the right choices and never pick drugs or alcohol because if you do you’ll be ending up in jail.

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