Tuesday, April 15, 2014


1.   Bill was excited. (He's going on his first fishing
    trip.  Bill is the main character.)
Bill is very excited for his very first fishing trip, His face when really happy Bill had his biggest smiled he is feeling that he about to have his best day of his life feeling so excited he keep saying when are I’m going when are I’m going.
2.   Emily was angry.  (Her older sister told her she
    couldn't come shopping with her.  The main character

    is Laura, the older sister.) Emily is feeling happy she has a smiled on her face because she wanna go shopping with her older sister, as she running to ask Laura she jump up and down. When she got to her older sister she ask her nicely with a happy face, the big sister said “NO” you can’t come. Emily face when happy to sad watching as the big sister when shopping with their friend’s, Emily face when sad to angry her face turd red water started coming out of her eye’s as the eye’s got redder and redder her anger when hard out. Emily hand when hard as a rock she ran fast as she can to her sister she doesn't care about her big sister friend’s that are there.     

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