Sunday, October 16, 2011

First Rollerskates


  1. Hi Htawara I like your animation about the first roller skates.I like how you put lots of detail in it.Keep up the good work.

  2. Hello Htawara!
    My name is Gretchen McPherson and I am a college student in EDM 310 at the University of South Alabama in the U.S. Your animation shorts are fun to watch! I heard you say you liked to swim and I love to swim too! I swam in a really big Olympic-sized pool in my home town. Which stroke is your favorite? Do you like the back stroke or side stroke better?
    Is Burma warm most of the year? Do you swim inside or outside mostly? You seem to know a lot about how to animate videos....I wish I could do that on my computer!
    The videos are super-keep them coming!

    Gretchen M. McPherson

  3. Hi Htawara!
    My name is Larry McMillan, I'm a student at the University of South Alabama in EDM310 in the United States. Your animation was very entertaining. I like how the video looked realistic. Great Job!!!


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