Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Recount Holiday Writing week 2 T4

Recently in the holidays me and my family went to Sylvia Park to do our shopping. Driving past Burger King I was hunting through my wallet to double check that I had enough money so I can buy me some new clothes from the Hastiness Brothers. Later on I was getting hungry, my stomach was rumbling like a pack of wild wolfs howling. I sprinted past people like a flash of light so I can beat other people so I can be first in line to buy me chicken sushi.

After having a delicious lunch we went back home. Driving up the driveway I sprinted past the door to my room and quickly tried on my clothes that I brought. Later on that day I went on youtube to listen to music because I was bored and I got nothing to do. Soon I was so bored that I feat asleep in my room.

On the next following day as I work up I was feeling really happy and I jumped out of bed then I look at the windows and it was raining. My face went from happy to angry because I really wanted to go for a long walk at the beach. Cause It raining all day I couldn't go anywhere but stay home and did some boring stuff like watch a TV or go on the computer. My holiday was fun and boring so to me it kinda OK that the end of my holiday recount.      


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